Top 10 Best Nursing Schools in Arizona

One of the hardest parts about nursing school is finding the right school to apply to. There are so many nursing programs that it can be hard to compare all of the options. In addition, general community colleges and 4 year universities offer even more nursing programs to choose from. Arizona alone has a large number of nursing schools to sort through, but, after comparing many of the schools, some began to stand out. Listed below are 10 of the best nursing schools in Arizona.

Cochise College

Founded in 1964, Cochise College is a 2-year community college with a variety of programs in biology, computer subjects, and nursing. The campus is located in Douglas, Arizona, and is a popular choice for students pursuing an Associate nursing degree. The in-state tuition is around $1,800 a year, while out-of-state tuition is around $6,000.

Fortis College in Phoenix

The school specializes in degrees in nursing, pharmacy technology, and computer networking, providing many different degree and certification programs. Located in Phoenix, the average tuition per year is $13,000. The college is especially known for its LPN program.

GateWay Community College in Phoenix

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the GateWay Community College was founded in 1968 to provide students a place to study a wide variety of degrees. The college is a 2-year program with transfer opportunities, and the most popular degree paths include archaeology, psychology, and registered nursing. The yearly tuition for in-state students averages $2,000, while out-of-state tuition averages $7,800.

Glendale Community College

The 2-year transfer college has one of the largest degree selections, creating learning opportunities for a wide range of students. Founded in 1965, the school offers over 50 Associate programs and 50 vocational certificates. In state-tuition is around $2,000 a year; out-of-state tuition is around $7,800 yearly.

Pima Community College

Founded in 1969, Pima Community College operates on a year-round basis; students can take classes in spring, summer, winter, or fall semesters. In addition, the school provides a variety of specialty courses, including self-paced, accelerated, or online options. The in-state tuition averages $1,800 while out-of-state totals about $8,400.

Grand Canyon University

This university offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree plans. With over 60 undergraduate programs, 50 master programs, and 8 doctoral options, the school is an excellent choice for those looking to further their education. The average tuition cost for both in and out of state students is around $18,000 a year.

Northern Arizona University

Established in 1899, Northern Arizona University offers students over 95 undergraduate programs, 57 graduate programs, and 70 online programs. Students can attend the university for $8,400 if in-state or $15,000 if they are out-of-state.

Chamberlain College of Nursing in Phoenix

The Chamberlain College of Nursing specializes in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, but the university also offers several bridge, accelerated, and transfer programs. The school has a wide variety of courses to offer students looking for a career in nursing.

University of Arizona

Established in 1885 and one of the oldest universities here, the University of Arizona offers over 300 undergraduate and specialized program to its students. The average tuition cost for those in-state is around $9,900, while out-of-state costs equal around $29,000.

Mesa Community College

The 2-year transfer college is an excellent option for students looking to begin their nursing education. Founded in 1920, the college offers several different degree programs, as well as specialty courses and varied course formats. In-state tuition is around $2,000 per year; students who are out-of-state pay around $7,800 a year.

No matter where you decide to begin your nursing degree, Arizona offers a wide variety of programs that can help you learn the knowledge needed to become an excellent registered nurse. After graduation and beyond, many of the nursing schools in Arizona care about your future as a medical professional, investing time, money, and resources to create the caring nurses of tomorrow.

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