Benefits of Accelerated Nursing Programs

After you’ve graduated college, it can feel like an impossible challenge to change careers. Many students don’t want to take the time to earn a whole new degree, or they just don’t know where to start when it comes to learning a new career path. Nursing job opportunities are growing fast, and some students want to become a part of the vast community of registered nurses. If you have previous college credits, you may be able to graduate from an accelerated program with a nursing degree in as soon as 18 months.

Previous Nursing Experience

When looking into nursing school, many people believe you have to have previous experience to join the program. However, many students change their careers to nursing after already possessing a Bachelor’s in another subject. Some nursing schools require previous nursing certification, but there are several accelerated nursing program bridges that can help you become a registered nurse faster.

Depending on how many credits you have from a previous college, you may be able to graduate in a short amount of time. Different schools vary on the credits they accept, but many school credits transfer if both universities were accredited. Even if a school you are researching seems to discount your past credits, contact an admissions advisor for more information. School websites are not always updated so talking to an admissions advisor is the best way to get answers to all your questions. Advisors are generally happy to help new and prospective students find a program that best fits their needs, and they are often helpful when examining transcripts and discussing program eligibility and requirements.

Flexible Courses

Online courses are often the best format to take accelerated nursing programs. Because of the intense, massive amounts of information covered, students often have to treat their program like a full-time job. By taking an online program, many people have an easier time managing their home and work life as they continue their new education. Lectures and assignments for classes are often found online, and students may only have to meet for physical labs and practical experience.

With some online courses, all class resources and assignments are completely online, creating an easily accessible platform that operates on the student’s own time. Professors still collaborate closely with students, and online programs can sometimes offer more support than physical classes. Online courses can provide simulation labs, discussion threads, and online group collaboration that helps students apply concepts to real-life experiences.

Accelerated Graduation

If you’re determined to jump right into the nursing workforce, you should look for accelerated BSN programs. Students with a previous degree in another subject may be able to graduate in as few as 18 months. However, accelerated nursing programs should not be expected to be any easier than their 4 year alternatives. An accelerated nursing program is a time-consuming, difficult process, but students who remain calm, use their resources, plan, and ask questions will become successful registered nurses quickly.

Mastering Nursing Skills

Similar to the 4 year Bachelor or 2 year Associate plan, an accelerated program in nursing prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN test. Students who pass the NCLEX-RN will become registered nurses, licensed to begin their career. When choosing a program, look for schools with excellent statistics in retention rates as well as job success after graduation. Understand whether a block or semester based curriculum is best for your learning style.

After you have completed your accelerated nursing program, you will be able to enter the job field. Demands for nurses are increasing, and job opportunities should continue to rise in the coming years. Whether you continue your education past a Bachelor’s in Nursing, there will be many career opportunities open, including management and executive positions. Nursing is an excellent career to begin, but you have to understand the tools and environment you need for success to find the program right for you.

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